Shop Safety

IFA understands the importance of shop safety.  Our warehouses stock a wide range of products for your employees to use and wear as well as items for your shop workplace.  We provide items to help you meet state compliance rules & regulations and want to ensure you have all the options you need to provide the safe & clean atmosphere your business deserves.

Our Shop Safety & Supplies are on the following Pages: 250-272.  Please inspect all of these pages in our catalog carefully, as there are a wide range of products and additional information in each category.  IFA is always adding new products to our inventory!  Please do not hesitate to ask us about additional products you need that you do not see in our catalog.  We’re here to help!

The following information and screenshots is a quick guide to what we have in stock and what pages the items can be found on.  IFA thanks you for your concern in providing a safe environment for your employees and business.


Personal Safety begins on Page: 250

Personal Safety







We cover you from head to toe!

  • Head Safety
  • Eye Safety
  • Ear Safety
  • Face/Body Safety
  • Hand/Arm Safety
  • Knee/Foot Safety

Floor Safety starts on Page: 257

Floor Safety








Spill Issues?  We’ve got you covered!

Spill Control starts on Page: 258

Spill Control








General Shop Safety starts on Page: 260

General Safety







General Safety includes:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • MSDS compliance sheets
  • Hazmat boards
  • Lockout Kits
  • Signage


First Aid starts on Page: 262

First Aid







First Aid products we carry include:

  • Adhesive Bandages
  • Rubber Elastic Bandages
  • Sterile Gauze Pads
  • Instant Disposable Cold Packs
  • Paper Medical Tape
  • Eye Wash/Eye Wash Stations
  • Burn Spray
  • Bacitracin Zinc Ointment
  • Hydrogren Peroxide
  • Different First Aid Kit Sizes


Janitorial Supplies start on Page: 264









Hand Cleaners start on Page: 271

Hand Cleaners